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October 29th, 2017

The Chocolate Massage and Personal Concierge

The Chocolate Massage and Personal Concierge

Everyone needs to go on vacation and experience what is new and different. That is what personal growth is all about. I always try to seek out what is new and different for me and what is unique in the destination that I am in. That includes languages, food, people, customs, art, history, etc. I also try to look for the humor and humanity wherever I am.
It is all very easy to accomplish here in Punta Cana. Today at the Paradisus Punta Cana was a free day to just hang out at the beach and the pool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Balinese beds at the beach and by the pool. My local beach nor pool in CT has Bali beds. They are so comfortable, so indulgent. Imagine soft cushions and pillows, instead of hard beach lounge chairs. And they come with canopies made of either cloth or grass hut style. They are the best. At the pool they have loungers built into the water so never have to leave the water to lay down, sip your drink or eat your lunch. It’s the ultimate.

This gets better. When I am on vacation I like to treat myself to something special, out of the ordinary, something I can’t get at home. Yes, I can certainly get massages and facials at home, but not a Chocolate Scrub and Massage. The Yhi Spa here is quite unique with several intriguing spa offerings. I couldn’t resist this. An exfoliating scrub/massage with what smelled like Ghirardelli chocolate. It smelled so good I wanted to lick myself (not sexually, just I love chocolate, who doesn’t). The masseuse really took her time and I purred over the smell and feel of this chocolate scrub. Then I had to wash it off there and got a second massage of this wonderful lotion that smelled like banana. I felt like a Banana split with chocolate sauce. How many times can you say that has happened to you? It felt wonderful, oh so relaxing, so pampering. I am worth it, you are worth it, we are worth it. We really are!

Afterward I come back to my suite and my personal concierge Ana is on the phone. I love the sound of “My personal concierge”. She asks me every day how my day is and if I need anything. I gladly tell her that I am having a wonderful vacation and that I don’t need her to do anything. I ask her if she will come home with me because that is when I really need the help. She laughs, says sure she’ll come home with me and then thanks me. Here’s where the humor comes in. My last name is Greenwald and it’s a bit hard for her to say. So she calls me Mrs. Gringo. Now that is funny! Here’s another funny one. One of my colleagues lost his mother two weeks ago at age 92. He said that on their trips she would always go to the pool bar and order a Penis Colitis (Pina Colada). So in her honor he went to the Pool Bar and ordered the Penis Colitis. Now that is really very special.

We had a beautiful farewell dinner (I love my family but don’t want to go home) on the beach and received the following award certificate: Eva Greenwald is hereby certified as a Know It All and Romance Specialist from Travel Impressions, Melia Hotels International and American Express. Wow, now I have a certificate telling the world I am a Know It All. I’ve just been acting that way up until now! We all need to time to relax, refresh, be pampered. I’d love to hear how you get pampered when on vacation. If you want to learn more about how to get pampered in Punta Cana or anywhere on vacation,
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