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 Personalized & Customized Service ... At No Extra Charge!

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Eva and Mark Greenwald
Owners, Eva’s Best Travel


Eva’s Best Luxury Travel is recognized as a premiere award-winning luxury travel agency. We are hosted by Travel Leaders Group, the largest US travel agency consortium, and are partnered with the most high-profile vendors in the travel industry, allowing us to provide you the highest levels of service, widest range of products, great prices and VIP amenities. We are Eva and Mark Greenwald, a husband and wife team of experienced travelers and well-trained and well-connected, passionate expert travel professionals, who will fulfill all your vacation needs, handle every detail of your amazing trip and are with you before, during and after your wonderful journey. We look forward to creating your unforgettable luxury travel experience!


  • Preferred partnerships with the world’s finest ocean, river and yacht companies
  • We find the best fit for every client
  • Exclusive added VIP amenities
  • Personalized shore excursions and private sightseeing
  • Pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, tours and airport transfers


  • Preferred partnerships with the world’s finest escorted and independent tour companies.
  • We find the best fit for every client.
  • Customizing and personalizing your tour experience
  • Exclusive added VIP amenities
  • Private sightseeing
  • Unique, authentic experiences
  • Unparalleled access to “hard to get into” destinations and events.


  • Preferred partner with all major airlines worldwide; our travel vendors are wholesalers who package your air with hotels, car rental and tours, to get you the best pricing
  • Upgrades. Preferred seating and seat selection
  • Frequent Flyer program support


  • Adventure: Deep-sea diving, snorkeling, rafting, zip-lining, hiking, and skiing anywhere in the world
  • Family Travel: Connecting rooms, suites, wonderful kids programs and unique multi-generational activities
  • Honeymoons: Luxury accommodations and amenities, concierge services and romantic inclusions and excursions
  • Destination Weddings: We are a proud member of the Destination Wedding, Honeymoon Specialist Association and we specialize in location scouting, guest travel with wonderful group rates and logistical arrangements
  • Wellness: Spa vacations, yoga retreats and meaningful health and well-being journeys
  • Escorted tours: Block rooms, group airline tickets, professional local guides and drivers, group discounts, expert sightseeing tours
  • Culture, Food & Wine: Worldwide sporting and arts events, food and wine journeys, eco-tourism and volunteer expeditions, heritage and cultural exploration
  • Groups: Event coordination, transportation, group rates, private group events, group dining and excursions
  • Senior and Multi-Generation Travel: Expert advice, events, shore excursions and unique multi-generational activities.
  • Ancestral Travel: Customizing travel to the land of your ancestors
  • Single/Solo Travel: Specialized travel on your own or with a group of other single/solo travelers
  • Celebration Travel: Expert advice, custom planning, special events, dinners and excursions to make your birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Graduation and all celebration trips truly “special”!
  • LGBT Travel: We are a proud member of ILGTA (The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) which promotes equality and safety within tourism worldwide.
  • Certified Autism Travel Specialist and Certified Special Needs Group Specialist: Expertise and Special Access to Autism Certified resorts, tours, hotels, cruises. Access to mobility devices, and everything to make travel as comfortable and independent to travelers of all abilities. Caregivers available to travel and assist with travelers with autism and disabilities.


  • Special access to 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts and VIP amenities such as complimentary breakfast, upgrades, hotel credits, early check-in, etc.

  • Our long-time relationships with the top suppliers in the hotel world, we are able to offer our clients exclusive VIP perks, protection, upgrades, and other valuable benefits
  • Exclusive perks and preferred rates through proprietary Travel Leaders hotel programs
  • Trusted advice to help create unforgettable hotel, all-inclusive resort and private villa experiences


  • Superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and tour industry
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, well-connected Expert Travel Advisors
  • Global 24/7 service
  • Premium Private and Shared airport transfers and ground transportation
  • Special requests such as tee-times, event tickets, dinner reservations, spa appointments, luggage services and more
  • Travel insurance